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Audio extracts from Tabacchi Blues concerts

These are some example of the concert that it's been performed at Tabacchi Blues, for downloading reasons the quality it's not the best, just scroll down the page, chose the band and the song and click on your preferred media format (Media Player or Real Player), wait only few times for the song to be downloaded (depends on your connection speed, but it won't take long time).


Harp Mama And The Grandfathers

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Blues Before sunrise 2,30 min.
Are You Experienced? 2,04 min.
Mannish Boy 5,17 min.

Wild Junkers

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Murder Incorporated 2,01 min.
Cold Hard Bitch 2,04 min.
Maggie May 2,40 min.
Something In The Air 1,39 min.







Albert Ray And The Ray Men

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So Long Baby Goodbye 2,03 min.
Mystery Train 2,37 min.
Track 6 2,09 min.



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