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TABACCHI BLUES American Bar - Tabaccheria

1996 - 2010


From a Fabio and Marcello's (owners and managers of the pub) idea, arose in january of the 1996 the "TABACCHI BLUES" a tiny pub (only 80 square metres) lost deep down in green flat countries between Reggio Emilia and Modena's districts; maybe one of the smallest room you've ever seen, but also a place characterized by a great ambition and built in the name of quality, good music, nice drink & eating, and, last but not least, liking.

Attended by many local musicians,immediatly they're compelled to give, when possible,to their costumers the possibility to be present at great and marvellous musical evenings made of live events and jam sessions ranging from Classic Blues to Texas Blues, from Folk to Classic American Rock, from Jazz to Swing, all this played without stage for being in a complete and direct touch with listeners. Unfortunately they can offers these shows only one or two times a week but also without live performances, atmosphere is warmed up by a sequence of different recorded musical selections.

TABACCHI BLUES offers wide-choices of whiskies, brandies and spirits, what's more numerous snacks, made of high-quality products can be accompanied by agreeble beers selected by its staff like unpasteurized beers, waiss beers, various  bottle beers and ale beers.

There's also a fairly-good bill of cocktails and long drinks, and if can't stand alcools, TABACCHI BLUES ''will change into a tea room with a great blend choices. Before yours way back home don't forget to taste a very good and selected coffee.

In 2010, November, we ended the Nightly-Pub business, we moved not so far from the old venue (Via Madonna di Pompei). We currently doing a daily-Bar business opened from 6 Am to 8Pm

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